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  • The Witness: Test-Übersicht - ​Bildhübscher Knobelspaß mit Top-Wertungen

    Wir haben die ersten Tests zu The Witness zusammengetragen. Lohnt der Kauf? Quelle: Thekla

    Die ersten Tests zu The Witness sind online. Damit ihr im Review-Dschungel nicht den Überblick verliert, fassen wir an dieser Stelle die Testberichte internationaler Magazine zusammen. Die ersten Fazits fallen positiv aus: Mit The Witness erwartet euch ein optisch wunderhübsches Open-World-Spiel mit herausfordernden Rätseln.

    The Witness stellt sich den Tests internationaler Magazine. Zur besseren Übersicht fassen wir nachfolgenden die Wertungen und Fazits zusammen - wie schneidet das für PC und PlayStation 4 erhältliche Knobelspiel ab? Überwiegend positiv, wie sich den auf der Webseite zusammengetragenen Tests entnehmen lässt. Im Review von PC Gamer werden vor allem die Puzzles gelobt, die mit längerer Spielzeit an Fahrt gewinnen - und durchaus knifflig sind. Im The Witness-Test von erhält der Open-World-Knobler von Braid-Schöpfer Jonathan Blow die Bestnote: 10 von 10 Punkten. IGN lobt intelligente Puzzles, ein cleveres Design sowie eine Fülle an Geheimnissen.

    Im Test von Giant Bomb staubt The Witness ebenfalls die Höchstwertung ab. Das Magazin lobt die knackigen Rätsel, die dutzende Stunden unterhalten. Zudem sei es ein unbeschreibliches Gefühl, alle Puzzles allein und ohne Hilfe zu lösen. Für den Tester auf steht fest: "The Witness zählt zu den besten Spielen, auf die ich jemals gestoßen bin." Weitere Wertungen und Fazits fassen wir nachfolgend zusammen. The Witness ist ab dem 26. Januar für PlayStation 4 und PC erhältlich. Der Open-World-Knobler kostet 36,99 Euro. Zuletzt gab es Gerüchte um eine Xbox-One-Version von The Witness. Blow hatte die Spekulationen wenig später dementiert. Aktuell sei The Witness nicht für die Microsoft-Konsole geplant. Viele weitere News, Videos und Screenshots findet ihr wie gewohnt auf unserer Themenseite zu The Witness.

    The Witness in der Test-Übersicht

    Giant Bomb - 100
    The intricate puzzles and tantalizing secrets of this starkly gorgeous, mystical island are enough to lose yourself in for dozens of hours.

    Telegraph - 100
    The Witness is a game that will genuinely have you punching the air or laughing out loud, just from correctly drawing a line on a grid. If that isn't the mark of a truly special game, I don't know what is.

    Destructoid - 100
    What truly makes The Witness everything that it is lies somewhere between the fundamentals of the puzzles and the deeply philosophical of everything else. These two work in tandem, complementing each other even when they seem worlds apart. There are so many layers of separation between the two that it's almost impossible to perceive or even conceive. But, they're there, working hand-in-hand and, on some level, one in the same. You'd be hard-pressed to declare that one of these components is closer to defining The Witness than the other.

    IGN - 100
    For the most part, its themes weave themselves beautifully throughout the gorgeous world and wide variety of puzzles, but even when it breaks subtlety in favor of a more heavy-handed approach to exposition, it never detracts from the truly fulfilling moments The Witness offers in terms of solving its physical puzzles and unlocking its deepest mysteries.

    VideoGamer - 100
    I'm so caught up inside the world of The Witness that it's hard to think about anything else. It is one of the best games I've ever encountered.

    PC Gamer - 89
    Blow does it again. Exquisitely layered puzzles populate a world that will keep you guessing.

    Game Informer - 93
    The opaque world might be disappointing for some players, but The Witness is about a different kind of discovery. It steers your mind in unconventional directions, and makes you feel clever as you build on your knowledge and uncover new layers about the game's language and logic. Even when I wasn't playing it, I was thinking about puzzles that had me stumped. Some puzzles are tough, but all of them are fair, and the fun of solving them is only topped by seeing what awaits you on the next series of monitors.

    Gamespot - 90
    The Witness is one of the most challenging games I've ever played. During my playthrough, I experienced confusion, uncertainty, and mental exhaustion as I tried to understand this game's intricacies. At times, I considered giving up. The Witness makes few attempts at handholding, opting instead to convey its mechanics in subtle, cryptic ways as you struggle to make sense of it all.

    EGM - 85
    The Witness is the rare game that boils down to a question of faith. No video, screenshot, or review can really explain why it's such a worthwhile use of your time without spoiling the experience, so you'll have to trust me when I tell you it's worth every second—provided you have a bit of patience and are up for an intellectual challenge. - 85
    The Witness might be an unforgiving experience, but also an unforgettable one. It's pure gameplay, and pure puzzle solving. Hermetic, sometimes even elusive, it won't please those interested in good storytelling, but will absolutely capture every puzzle solving fanatic out there, and will do so with its magnetic setting and clockwork gameplay.

    Polygon - 80
    It's a beautiful game and knowing that I finished it with minimal help actually does make me feel smarter. It also contains some subtle messages about human potential that I found surprisingly uplifting (when I wasn't pulling my hair out). Despite feeling deeply satisfied by the experience, it's hard for me to ignore how much time I spent frustrated and bored and angry. Maybe contrasting those two ends of the emotional spectrum is essential to the experience of playing The Witness, but an era when they can skip the frustration, I'm not convinced most players will have the patience to obtain it.

    The Escapist - 80
    The Witness is a beautiful, brain-tickling, "puzzle-adventure," that will manage to both frustrate and awe you at the same time.

    Metro GameCentral - 70
    A colossal achievement in puzzle gaming, with a very cleverly conceived setting and story, but the lack of variety and reward becomes stifling.

    PlayStation Universe - 65
    The Witness, at the end of the day, revolves around one's ability to interpret and solve complex puzzles. The island is gorgeous and memorable while the gameplay itself is as smooth as silk, but there's no way around the constant need to solve the next puzzle. It is the ultimate stonewalling challenge rewarded only by rare success.

    GamesRadar - 60
    As brilliant as it is infuriating, The Witness' ingenious puzzles all too easily have their shine worn away by length and a constantly extending complexity.

    The Witness angespielt: Das Puzzle-Abenteuer vorgestellt
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    The Witness
  • The Witness
    The Witness
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The Witness
The Witness: Test-Übersicht - ​Bildhübscher Knobelspaß mit Top-Wertungen
Die ersten Tests zu The Witness sind online. Damit ihr im Review-Dschungel nicht den Überblick verliert, fassen wir an dieser Stelle die Testberichte internationaler Magazine zusammen. Die ersten Fazits fallen positiv aus: Mit The Witness erwartet euch ein optisch wunderhübsches Open-World-Spiel mit herausfordernden Rätseln.
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