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  • Test Drive Unlimited 2 im Test für PS3 und Xbox 360: Internationale Reviews - Ab heute erhältlich fasst in dieser Test-Übersicht die internationalen Reviews zu Test Drive Unlimited 2 zusammen. Konnte das neue Rennspiel von Entwickler Eden Games überzeugen? Hier erfahrt ihr es.

    Ab dem 11. Februar ist Test Drive Unlimited 2 für PS3, Xbox 360 und PC im Handel erhältlich. Schon jetzt sind die ersten Tests zum neuen Rennspiel von Entwickler Eden Games online. Um euch einen Überblick zu verschaffen, fasst die ersten internationalen Reviews zu Test Drive Unlimited 2 zusammen. Welche Vor- und Nachteile gibt es? Ist Test Drive Unlimited besser als sein Vorgänger? In der nachfolgenden Auflistung erfahrt ihr es.

    Sobald uns neue Tests erreichen, werden wir die Meldung entsprechend aktualisieren. Unseren Test zu Test Drive Unlimited 2 reichen wir ebenfalls nach. Weitere News, Screenshots, Eindrücke und Videos findet ihr übrigens auch zusammengefasst auf unserer speziellen Test Drive Unlimited 2-Webseite. - 7,8 / 10
    Der Einstieg in TDU2 geht sehr langsam vonstatten. Wirklich tröpfchenweise werden uns die Gameplay-Features zugänglich gemacht, bis man endlich nach ein paar Stunden Spielzeit in die Fänge dieses unglaublich umfangreichen MMO-Racers gerät und das Spiel beginnt sein volles Suchtpotenzial zu entfalten. Dann aber kommt TDU2 umso stärker zum Zuge, auch weil wir uns dann an die diversen technischen Unzulänglichkeiten gewöhnt haben und sie kaum mehr wahrnehmen. Haben wir erst einmal unsere ersten Häuser erworben, einen ansehnlichen Fuhrpark erwirtschaftet, unseren ersten Club gegründet und unseren Avatar mit genug Klamotten ausgestattet, gibt es immer noch wahnsinnig viel zu erledigen und zu entdecken. An diesem Punkt komischerweise schafft es TDU2 dann plötzlich, trotz der kindischen Cutscenes, so etwas wie Coolness auszustrahlen.

    Metro - 7 / 10
    It's rare for any racing game to attempt something new, even rarer for it to be enjoyable at the same time. This does seem to be stretching itself too thin but it offers a spectacle and sense of place that is miles away from the sterile simulation of Gran Turismo or Forza Motorsport. Eventually you begin to realise that the cars are not the stars - but instead Oahu and Ibiza, and the friends you meet there.

    NowGamer - 8.7 / 10
    Rewarding, generous and overwhelmingly massive, this is a racing fan's dream, and proof that the racing-MMO genre has legs. Arcade racing fans may baulk at the disciplined racing mechanic, but purists will find plenty to enjoy.

    PSU - 8.0 / 10
    TDU2 is a game that sends out a few mixed messages, especially near the beginning when you realize there's a hundred-and-one different things that you can do, some of which will probably have no appeal to you. It even tries a little too hard to cater for different age groups, gaming abilities and gaming preferences and as a result doesn't get some things quite right, particularly the story-line and the clunky car handling. Nonetheless, there is something for everyone here and we've loved the social aspect of challenging players and visiting the Community Racing Center, where we've already started the ball rolling with our own car club. The four tiered level-up system is also particularly innovative, encouraging you to progress through the levels and adding vast amounts of replay value. Overall, while TDU2 isn't quite as polished as we hoped it would be, there's more than enough content on offer here to keep us coming back for more.

    GameInformer - 8.50 / 10
    Test Drive Unlimited 2 might be lacking in some areas, but this is one instance where the sheer quantity of features prevails since their structure is thoughtful enough to make this game more than just a lazy vacation

    MercuryNews - B+ / A+
    Eden Games does a decent job developing characters and rivalries. The competitors aren't faceless foes. They have personalities, but what charm they have is ruined by the worst voice acting since the original "Resident Evil." But that doesn't wreck a driving game that offers so much and is so flexible for racers of all stripes. No matter what kind of wheels they like or how they prefer to drive, racing game fans will find something to latch on to in Test Drive Unlimited 2.

    Attack of the fanboy - 4 / 5
    If any game in recent memory makes the case for fun factor being the ultimate score to measure a game by, it's Test Drive Unlimited 2. There's just so much to do in the game that is downright fun. The racing is fun, if you go into it with an arcade mindset. There's definitely issues here with some parts of TDU2, but the good outweighs the bad by a landslide. An engaging leveling system, an expansive world to explore, and limitless possibility to have fun by your lonesome or with friends via your network of choice, make this one of the funnest racers I have played in quite some time.

    Eurogamer - 7 / 10
    It's a long journey through this huge game and TDU2 offers an unrefined, bumpy ride. Thankfully, if it all gets too much, you can set the grind aside for a long journey of your own - just following your front wheels across the islands, revelling in one of the great videogame open worlds. Unsteady but passionate and ambitious, TDU2 is fantastic escapism. It's just a shame it sometimes needs to escape from itself.

    Gamers TV-Channel - 4 / 5
    Overall Eden Games did well with this follow up to the first Test Drive Unlimited. You will notice the improvements made in TDU2, and you will definitely appreciate it. The single player won't excite you as much as the multiplayer will. Driving your SUV through the mud with friends is going to be a blast. The new features are going to raise the eyebrow of fans who enjoyed the first title. Hopefully, Eden Games will keep the DLC coming in months to come.

  • Test Drive Unlimited 2
    Test Drive Unlimited 2
    Namco Bandai
    Eden Games
    Es gibt 8 Kommentare zum Artikel
    Von Tim-95
    Das Spiel macht schon fun , im 80 Berich mindestens aber es hatte wirklich mehr potenzial !!
    Von LOX-TT
    dürfte sich so im 80er Bereich einpendeln, passt, so hätte ich es auch bewertet, denn perfekt ist es nicht wirklich…
    Von EiLafSePleisteischen
    Von PcGames hat es eine 68% bekommen! Komisch, dass alle anderen im Bereich von 8(0)+ liegen.

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Test Drive Unlimited 2
Test Drive Unlimited 2 im Test für PS3 und Xbox 360: Internationale Reviews - Ab heute erhältlich fasst in dieser Test-Übersicht die internationalen Reviews zu Test Drive Unlimited 2 zusammen. Konnte das neue Rennspiel von Entwickler Eden Games überzeugen? Hier erfahrt ihr es.
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